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Saturday, 01 January 2000

Liz on Teen Drinking

Written by  Liz Hill

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Sooner or later it's going to happen, if it hasn't already. You're going to attend a party or find yourself in a situation where drinks are being served.

I'm talking about anything from lite beer to mixed alcoholic drinks. I can already hear you saying, "C'mon Liz, there's nothing wrong with a beer." And you're right - there is nothing wrong with the beer, but there is something wrong with the way we handle, use and think about that drink.

Hey, I'm not just talking about teens here. About half the adults I know don't know their limits when it comes to alcohol.

So, you find yourself taking one drink. You don't want to look like a total nerd and everybody else is drinking too. You finish it and hey, no big deal, it's not like you're drunk or anything. So, you take another one. You think it looks so much cooler to have that beer in your hand instead of a coke.

As the evening wears on you begin to feel a little "out of it" or you start to act like a total ass - funny thing is you don't even know it. You even think you're amazingly funny, the life of the party.

Now for you girls out there, listen up good: If you're feeling a little "spaced out" then you'd better get out and go home. That feeling means that you're not fully in control. Trust me, it doesn't feel good and it's times like these when anything and I mean anything can happen.

And hey, guys. There is nothing more disgusting to us girls than watching a guy puke his guts out in the parking lot. Yeah, it makes a hot impression on the woman of your dreams. Also makes for great conversation in school the next day, and the next... and the next...your friends will never let you forget it!!

And while we're in the parking lot, let's talk about getting home. Let's say you played it smart and didn't drink. Well, there's a good chance that the friend who drove you has less brains than you do. I mean if Princess Di's chauffeur didn't care about her, what makes you think that you rate any better? Let me tell you, there is nothing more terrifying than being driven by a drunk. It's a real religious experience! You'll promise God all kinds of things and you'll feel like a real idiot (and liar) when you get home, 'cause you realize there ain't no way that you're joining a convent.

And don't think things get any better the next morning. A hangover is the least of your problems. Now you've got your parents breathing down your back and when you walk in school, you have to deal with the stares, grins and whispers. Funny thing is you don't know if they're making the stuff up about you or if you really did act like that and say those things.

You just don't remember.

But what's really sad is that you may have had those drinks in the first place to forget about your problems. Then you woke up to find that things have only gotten worse.

So take it from me: THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK.

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Liz Hill

Liz Hill

Liz (Elizabeth) Hill is a pseudonym that is a composite of a number of WholeFamily writers who remember what it was like to be young.

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