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Monday, 14 February 2011

Drama: Did You Eat Anything?

Written by  Sherri Mandell

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Caryn is very concerned about her daughter, Brooke, who looks too thin to her. She feels that Brooke may have gone too far with her diet.

Caryn: Did you eat anything?

Brooke: I had a half a bagel.

Caryn: Did you put anything on it?

Brooke: Mom, who are you? The Food Nazi?

Caryn: I never see you eat anymore. You're getting so skinny.

Brooke: Well, who told me I was fat in the first place?

Caryn: I said that you should exercise. I said that you should exercise with me. That we could go to the gym together.

Brooke: You said that I was heavy. And that I should stop eating junk. We went to McDonalds and you said that I should order the broiled chicken. When we went for pizza, you said that one piece was enough for me. You thought I was fat.

Caryn: Don't be ridiculous.

Brooke: Admit it, Mom. You told me to go on a diet. So I did. And now you don't like it. Funny. You didn't like me fat and now you don't like me skinny. I can't win with you.

Caryn: Of course I love you. I love you any way you are. I just don't want kids to make fun of you. You told me they were.

Brooke: Well they're not anymore.

Caryn: I'm glad about that.

Brooke: Do you think I look good?

Caryn: You look too thin.

Brooke: I don't think so.

Caryn: Your father told me that when you were there this weekend all you ate was a salad.

Brooke: Please, I went out with friends.

Caryn: You've got to eat, honey.

Brooke: Who are you to talk? You're always on a diet. The refrigerator is filled with Slim Fast. Or you just eat steak and eggs all week. You're the one who is obsessed with food. Not me.

Caryn: Sweetie, of course I watch my weight.

Brooke: You spend half of your time at the gym. You never like the way you look. Ever.

Caryn: Brooke, I try my best. I'm not perfect.

Brooke: Neither am I. So just stop bothering me. Believe me, I'm not going to starve myself to death.

Caryn: I'm worried about you. Aren't you tired?

Brooke: No ,Mom. I feel fine. I'm not that thin.

Caryn: You are. You don't see yourself. You're disappearing. You're practically nothing.

Brooke: I feel fine.

Caryn: Are you getting your period?

Brooke: Mom, don't worry about me.

Caryn: I think I've messed things up here. I've been so worried about my own weight that I've given you the wrong message. Brooke, it's time to start eating normally . To be healthy.

Brooke: Mom, you're jealous. Because I've succeeded. And you just go up and down.

Caryn: Don't be ridiculous!! I've made peace with my weight. I'm always going to have to watch what I eat.

Brooke: Well so do I.

Caryn: You're watching too much. I'm making an appointment with a nutritionist for you. Today. You have to learn to eat better. You don't have to look like Calista Flockhart.

Brooke: Don't make the appointment. I'm not going to go.

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Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell has a Master's degree in Creative Writing and has taught writing at the University of Maryland and Penn State University. She is the author of the book Writers of the Holocaust. She has written articles for the Washington Post. She is married with four children

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