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Monday, 30 May 2011

How Do Guys Feel About Girls With Eating Disorders?

Written by  Erin Donovan

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QI'd like to know a guy's opinion and/or comments on a couple of things. When you're dating a girl, if she loses of gains weight, how much of a change would it take for you to notice and or comment on it? If you found out that your girlfriend was diagnosed with an eating disorder (like anorexia/bulimia), how would you feel about it? Would you keep your distance because you might think she has major problems, or would you stay close to her and try and help?

AI asked a few different guys what they thought of these situations, and here was the general consensus:

They said that weight doesn't really matter in a relationship. When they are going out with someone they hardly ever notice changes in weight unless it's a major difference.

The guys said that they wouldn't break up with a girl just because she had an eating disorder, they would do what they could to be supportive and help.

But if the relationship was causing the girl more stress, they would put the relationship on hold to only be there as a good friend, so that the girl could deal with one thing at a time, and they wouldn't be adding to her stress. They also said that it mostly depends on the individual, and the individual relationship.

I hope this has helped you some.

If you do have an eating disorder, you need to get some help.

See Crisis Center / Eating Disorders


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Erin Donovan

Erin Donovan

Erin Donovan's contributions were written in the year before she began college, at which time she was WholeFamily's Senior Teen Advisor.

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