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Saturday, 01 January 2000

Whats Cookin: Resources for Wired Families

Written by  Carla Sinclair

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As anyone with kids knows, the kitchen serves as Home Headquarters. It's a place that continually churns out one, two, or three different menus at once, depending on the fussiness of taste buds in the home. But more than that, the kitchen is where planning takes place, important phone calls are made (ie: ordering pizza), and even where kids prefer to play (a couple of pots and a wooden spoon still have an edge over the latest toys around).

The following wired guide won't make kitchen living any less busy, but it will help tame the culinary chaos.

Food :

* Kid Kitchen!
If kids ruled the kitchen, these quick, simple fun foods would be the main staples of every household. Rocky Road Candy, Frozen Banana on a Stick, and Dinosaur Punch (which includes green food coloring) are just some of the recipes you'll find in this sweet corner of the Web.

* Epicurious
Their advice on raising a good eater: Avoid "kid-friendly food." Instead, they offer hundreds of recipes that will please the palettes of both kids and adults.

* The Sneaky Kitchen
The sly folks at Sneaky Kitchen show us how to slip more of the good stuff - calcium, protein, fruits and veggies - into meals without raising the suspicions of picky eaters. When my finicky 3-year-old devoured her "Mock dogs" and nonfat cheesecake, I knew this was a site to bookmark.

* Home Grocer
Too crazed to make it to the supermarket? Order online and receive organic produce and other high quality groceries within 24 hours. The brown-bagged goods are delivered by cautious grocers who slip on paper booties before entering your kitchen.


* iphone
First there was WebTV, now there's the iphone, a telephone with a 7.4-inch screen and a 56k modem that allows you to surf (search for recipes, buy new dishes, order chinese) while you talk. Approximately $400.

* i-opener
Along with your dishwasher and refrigerator should sit an i-opener, a computer-like "Internet appliance" whose sole purpose is to instantly access the Web. The "Pizza" key for instant ordering is a wonderful touch! Approximately $99.

* Tupperware
Wow! I didn't realize how fun and millenial this retro kitchenware looked. Not only that, the colorful plastic (read: indestructible) can double as sink toys to distract my daughter while I cook.

Put the above sites to good use, but don't forget to indulge in downtime as well. When my husband and I need a break (often), we speed-surf over to Kozmo and order videos and sandwiches, which arrive at our door within an hour. On these nights we make sure to use paper plates.

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