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Thursday, 14 September 2000

Welcome to The Newteen Center

Written by  Sara Eisen

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For the past few months, while preparing for this site to re-launch, I've been hanging out on the discussion boards and reading through the questions that come in. They remind me of why a part of me is so glad I'm not a teen anymore... And why, occasionally, especially now that summer's here, I wish I could go back there....

I don't need to tell you that the thrills and the disappointments, the pain and the euphoria, are at much closer intervals - and are much more intense - during the teen years than at most other times in life.

It's like you have to pack a certain amount of emotional experience into X many years, and too bad if that means you have to sob hysterically and laugh uncontrollably during the same hour.

The extremes are frightening sometimes, though, just as often, they are stomach-in-your-knees exciting. It's hard to know what to do with that, especially if you are not given the space, the guidance, or the license to work things out.

Teens are in an odd position, anyway: On the one hand, you know that you are often on par with adults (or beyond) re: your capabilities, your penchant for the philosophical, your articulateness, and your talent. That many adults don't recognize this is also a huge problem.

On the other hand, teens often need some help in order to see the whole picture or the long haul, and sometimes may have trouble putting stuff in perspective, saying no, or waiting for things. That's why having adults in your life - parents, teachers, mentors - is so important at this point. Unfortunately, however, many adults haven't mastered the art of saying no yet, either.

So here you are, sometimes locked in this huge battle inside your head, and there they are - your parents or whoever - trying to figure out why you are acting so "weird", and maybe taking it personally, even when you know you didn't mean it that way at all. It's tiring at times.

Is there a point to all this? Maybe just that there's lots to work through...but it's cool when you begin to realize that you have a big part in creating yourself. Like many growth processes, it sometimes hurts...but the result, hopefully, is totally worth it.

Have a great time surfing through the site and getting to know us...and you!


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Sara Eisen

Sara Eisen

Sara is a journalist and editor.

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