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Thursday, 22 March 2001

Sixteen and Pregnant: A Dramalogue

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Speaker is school guidance counselor. Terri is outside his office, crying.

- Terri - you O.K.?
- Well, your eyes are red and you look real down.

- Whoa, why are you crying? Come with me to my office.

- Here, have a glass of water.

- What's going on?

- I understand you don't want to tell me but I think maybe I can help. I'll also promise you that I won't do anything without talking it over with you first. Nothing behind your back , O.K.?

- So what's wrong?

- You think you're pregnant or you're sure you're pregnant.

- You're sixteen, right? Is your period usually regular?
- Well in that case there's a good chance you're pregnant but we're still not sure.

- Who knows about this? No one at all? What about your parents?

- Uh... Your father's not cool and he'll kill you if he finds out.

- Terri, I need some information so we can figure out what to do. When you say your father will kill you, do you mean he'll really kill you or that he'll really be angry and yell and hit the roof?

- O.K., but he won't kill you, right?

- Terri, we need to talk to your parents together and I'll tell you why. Pregnancy is serious stuff - your health, your relationship with friends, your reputation, your studies and future, all of these can be affected. Also your parents, like it or not, are legally responsible for you. We've got to make some heavy duty decisions and they need to be involved.

- Sure, you can stay in my office as long as you need.

- 100% Terri - I'll be right next to you when we tell your parents. I'll be there for you and them and we'll sit as long as we need to in order to get over their anger and start figuring out what to do.
When is it OK to Start Having Sex?

- Yes, I'm sure this is the right way to go. The meeting might be a real hard one, but as far as I can see we have no choice.

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