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Grandparent's Death

Dear WholeMom, My father-in-law died recently. The family is planning a graveside memorial service for him and my eight-year-old son wants to be there. He's a mature kid for his age, but I'm not sure ...

Brothers Fight on Weekends

Our 16-year-old son is at boarding school and comes home on weekends. When he does, he and his 10-year-old brother fight like cats and dogs. The dinner table, which used to be a nice place with easy g...

Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds Fight

My seven and eight-year-old sons always fight when the older one has friends over. The younger one always wants to be included and the older one doesn't always want him around. How can I help them res...

Supporting Sibling Friendships

We all hope that our children will love and respect each other. At the very least, we expect them to play together, get along and be friends. But sometimes it seems that siblings fight constantly and ...

  • Grandparent's Death

  • Brothers Fight on Weekends

  • Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds Fight

  • Supporting Sibling Friendships

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