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Wendy Mogel, PhD

Wendy Mogel, PhD

Wendy Mogel, PhD, is a Los Angeles clinical psychologist and popular public speaker who lectures widely to parents, teachers and mental health professionals on overprotection, over-scheduling and overindulgence of children. She is the author of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Wisdom to Solve Your Everyday Parenting Problems.

Remember those "Question Authority" buttons that were popular in the 1960's? Some baby boomer parents take an ideological stand against any role distinctions that are "given" rather than earned. After fighting against oppressive power structures in their young adulthood, they are reluctant to demand honor and respect from their children simply because of their status as parents. For other parents, their own childhood experience of "not having been heard" leads them to be cautious about being less than perfectly attuned and deeply respectful of their children's feelings and needs. Yet, paradoxically, parents who listen terribly hard all the time and strive for equality and fairness in everything SOMETIMES find themselves with demanding, greedy, anxious children.

Ten Myths about Raising Moral Children in a Complex World :- 1. My bright, articulate child can distinguish between what she wants and what she needs. 2. It is respectful and appropriate to continue all discussions with my child until she understands my rationale for what I want her to do...or not to do. 3. If they just try hard enough, and receive enough parental support, every child can become a neurosurgeon.

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