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Mary Ann Kohl

Taken from the book Preschool Art, by Mary Ann Kohl What you'll need: * Dried corncobs without kernels (After eating the corn, leave the corncobs outside for a few hours in the sun or let them dry on your counter overnight.) * Tempura paint * Large plastic or paper plates (One for each color you want to use.) * Corn holders or nails * Paper * Newspaper or other paper to cover your work area What to do: 1. Cover your work area with newspaper and put out a large piece of paper for the project. (Thick paper will hold up better.) 2. Put the corn holders on the dried corncobs. If you don't have corn holders, then you can use long nails.
Taken from the book Preschool Art, by Mary Ann Kohl Appropriate for ages: Two and up Time needed: 20-25 minutes (plus baking time) What you'll need: * 4 cups flour * bowl * wooden spoon * cutting board * foil or wax paper * 1 cup salt * 1? cups warm water * baking sheet * plastic wrap * oven What to do: 1. Combine the flour and salt in a bowl. 2. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour in one cup of warm water. 3. Mix the dough. You can start off with a spoon, but after a bit it pays to use your hands.
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