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Grandma Charlie

Grandma Charlie

Grandma Charlie has raised three children of her own but many others - including nieces, nephews, her kids' best friends and her best friends' kids - call her Mom. She is thrilled to be a grandmother. "Kids today aren't getting enough guidance," she says. "Parents are afraid to discipline their kids. We need to go back to being their parents, not their friends."

How many of us have children who are less well-behaved than we would like them to be? How many of us can set limits and keep them? How many of us find it easier to give in to the deafening screams of a two-year-old than to stick to our guns? Or to the teenager who wants to spend all her free time watching MTV or staying out till three a.m.? Countless observers of modern parenthood have said that today's parents are less strict, less firm, less sure of themselves as parents than their parents were. Some say it's due to the fact that parents today bend over backwards for their children because they feel guilty about not being able to give them the thing they most need: time.

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