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Leah Abramowitz

Leah Abramowitz

Leah Abramowitz is a geriatric social worker with more than 30 years experience. She founded a day center, called Melabev, for the cognitively impaired in Jerusalem and the vicinity. She is also a free lance writer and the author of "Tales of Nehama", on the late biblical scholar Professor Nehama Leibowitz.

Even though it's inevitable, death and dying is just as mysterious and elusive a subject in the modern world as it was in prehistoric times. Professional people who work with the dying seem to us both heroic and saintly. Yet the hospice or oncology department staff see nothing unusual about their work. "We do what has to be done," they say matter-of-factly. Bris Bird is a nurse in a palliative care unit. She has vast experience working with terminal patients, both in the hospital setting and through home care service.
The differences of opinion between the two sisters about their mother's care in the drama, "Babying Mom", is not unusual. Aside from the average sibling rivalry that's being exhibited, (yes, it exists and flourishes even at the ages of 61 and 55), there are the two different situations in which they find themselves, reflecting their different needs and personalities. Jenny is pressured by the many responsibilities and conflicting loyalties that make her day so full. She probably feels a little guilty that she can't give her mother as much attention as her sister does.
It's an ugly subject. It shouldn't exist. It's one of those taboo issues we like to sweep under the rug, ignore, and pretend doesn't happen. Unfortunately, abuse of the elderly, like abuse of women or children, is a fact of life which might be increasing throughout the world. "Abuse takes one of four forms," explained professor of social work, Howie Litwin. "There is physical abuse, the 'battered grandma syndrome,' which includes blows, burns or even restraints, such as tying a patient to his chair or gagging him." There is also psychological abuse, which includes threatening, shaming or frightening an elderly person.
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