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Arieh Lev Breslow

Arieh Lev Breslow is a Tai Chi expert and author of "When Less is More - Using the Mind to Exercise the Body" .

As a senior, you must shop around to find the right teacher, someone who is sensitive to your special needs. There are many excellent teachers of Tai Chi who do not know how to teach seniors. An older teacher is probably better than a young one. He or she probably understands your needs. Find out how long the teacher has studied Tai Chi. Does he or she have any credentials? Certification? It is equally important that the teacher has a background in working with people such as a high school teacher or a psychologist. Steer clear of teachers who emphasize the martial arts aspects of Tai Chi.
Age is venerated in China. The older a person, the more respect he or she receives. The Chinese believe that the elderly come to the point that their lives resonate with the harmony of the universe, the Tao. If you visit China and go for an early morning stroll in a nearby park, you will see thousands of people doing their morning exercises. Most of these people will be practicing Tai Chi, the dance-like martial art and health exercise. Many are in their seventies and eighties. Some are even older. Tai Chi is a relatively recent newcomer to the shores of the United States, arriving approximately forty years ago.
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