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Thursday, 22 March 2001

First Time: A Drama

Written by  Sherri Mandell

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Samantha (14) and Luis (15) are sitting under the bleachers in the high school field on Friday night. Samantha is trying to convince Luis to go all the way.

Samantha: I wanna do it. I wanna see what it feels like.

Luis: I think what we're doing now is enough. Kissing. Let's wait.

Samantha: C'mon. We love each other.

Luis: Yeah, we love each other but I don't want trouble.

Samantha: There won't be trouble.

Luis: That's what you say. But you could get pregnant.

Samantha: I'm not gonna get pregnant.

She takes out something from her pocket.

Samantha: That's why I brought this with me.

Holds up a condom.

Luis: Hey, no Samantha. That's not for me. I don't want to do it with that. Especially not the first time.

Samantha: What are you so afraid of?

She rubs his arms and kisses him.

Samantha: C'mon, I love you. Danielle told me that she's doing it with Frank. It's not wrong. We'll stay together.

Luis: I don't want to take any chances. I don't know why we can't just leave things the way they are.

Samantha: This is how we can show each other how much we love each other. Forever.

Luis: Forever is a long time. I'm not ready for forever.

Samantha: Forget it. You don't love me.

Luis: I do. But I feel like it should mean something. Something serious.

Samantha: Get a grip. It's sex. Everybody is doing it. You could die tomorrow and you never would have done it. Now is the time.

Luis: Maybe, you're right.

She kisses him.

Samantha: Just relax. Everything's going to be all right.

Luis: I just hope you don't get pregnant.

Samantha: Don't worry.

She starts to unbutton his shirt.

Luis: I can't do it. I just can't. It's not right.

Samantha: Why not?

Luis: I don't want to deal with AIDS.

Samantha: How would you get AIDS from me? You don't trust me. I don't think you really love me.

Luis: I do.

Samantha: You only care about protecting yourself. Well I'm here for you. And I want you. And I want to be with your forever and you're telling me no. What am I supposed to do? Wait until you're ready? You could have another girlfriend by then. I don't want to wait.

Luis: It's not that.

Samantha: Well then what is it?

Luis: I don't know. I love you.

Samantha: If you did, you would make love with me. Not give me a bunch of excuses.

She stands up and starts walking home.

Samantha: Go and find some nun. I want a guy who is ready for me. All of me.

Luis follows her.

Samantha: Get away. I can walk myself home.

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Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell has a Master's degree in Creative Writing and has taught writing at the University of Maryland and Penn State University. She is the author of the book Writers of the Holocaust. She has written articles for the Washington Post. She is married with four children

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