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Monday, 07 March 2011

The Austen-Kutchinskys: Mac's Monologue

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A Martin Holt Original

Malcolm Austin, 8, an outgoing, friendly boy who among the children is most happy about being an Austen-Kutchinsky.

I like living here. There’s a pond in the park and special paths to ride my bike. Joe Jr. is okay, too. I wish the others wouldn’t fight so much. At least I have my own room. It was okay when I had to share with Judith back in London, but I like it better now. She’s not always telling me to pick up my stuff. And Mum is too busy to even look at my room.

I hope school will be okay next week. I don’t know anybody, but I met some kids at the shop where Mum took me to buy a school bag. Maybe after school starts everyone will be happier and Judith and Joe Jr. won’t fight so much.

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