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Monday, 07 March 2011

The Austen-Kutchinskys: Petie's Monologue

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A Martin Holt Original

Peter (Petie) Kutchinsky, 11, lives in cyberspace. He’s a precocious computer nerd whose greatest thrill is downloading the newest information on Java scripting. As long as he’s on-line he could care less about the changes in his family.

Joe Jr. and Judith are so weird. All they do is rag all over each other. The other day I went to this really cool family site and I wrote to the Kid’s Advisor about our crazy family. He thought that Joe Jr. and Judith had the hots for each other but were afraid to admit it. None of this makes sense to me but he said when a boy and girl fight a lot that usually means there’s a thing called "sexual tension." If that’s sex, I sure don’t want to have anything to do with it. He also told me about this site which deals with kids whose mom or dad have died. It kinda made me understand why Joe Jr. is mad all the time. It’s like there’s this empty place inside of him that hurts all the time. The only way he lets anyone know he’s hurting is by getting mad.

I miss Mom too, but at least I’m busy doing stuff.

Everyone calls me "Computer Geek" but I don’t care cause while they’re fighting I’m learning new things. Maybe if Judith and Joe Jr. spent time on the Net they wouldn’t fight so much.

I hope I meet some nice kids at school next week. I hope they don’t laugh at me like the kids in New York used to cause I didn’t know how to rollerblade.

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