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Monday, 07 March 2011

The Austen-Kutchinskys: Joe Jr.'s Monologue

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A Martin Holt Original

Joe Kutchinsky, Jr. 17, a senior in high school, among the three Kutchinsky children most severely affected by the death of his mother. He hates the new blend, especially his step-sister, Judith.

I didn’t ask for this. Why did he have to go get married and bring Her Royal Highness into our house? Okay, so he was lonely, but he didn’t have to screw up my life just so he could get some regular sex. I was just beginning to get my head straight and now everything’s all messed up again. I can’t take all the changes. Life sucks. If there’s a God, he or she is one cruel dude. This Higher Power Guy must have it in for me. It’s like, let’s see how miserable we can make Joe. What’s the point of it all. You get close to someone and just like that they’re gone. Everyone says, "You got to let go and get on with your life." Well, it’s easy for them to say. No one knows what it’s like. I loved Mom. I could talk to her about anything. I remember when I was nine. I found this deck of playing cards with weird photos of people doing it with dogs and like real sicko stuff. I was real freaked. Mom and I talked. She told me how wonderful sex was with someone you love. I wonder if I’ll ever love someone. I can’t even imagine ever smiling again.

Except when I'm high.

I smoke and the demons disappear. One day it was so bad that I took some downers. It was like instant happy. Nothing bothered me, not even Princess Judith. She started whining and bitching and I just smiled and said, "Hey, is something on your mind?" She freaked. It was great.

Read more about Joe Jr.'s life. Discover how he relates to his new step-family and how reacts to his father's confrontation over his drug use.

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