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Thursday, 22 March 2001

Wyatt on Being Cool

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Wyatt Dunn, 16, is now a Junior at Mulder N. Scully High School in St. Louis. His favorite subjects include Literature and Art History, but he is actively trying to wrap his brain around Calculus, with moderate success. After a period of not wanting to be part of anything, Wyatt joined The File, his school's newspaper, as Co-Editor and columnist, which takes up a large portion of his free time. (The Editor-in-Chief, Julia Korn, has been Wyatt's best friend since third grade.)

His loves include The Offspring, Olympic Track and Field events, his niece and nephew, and Julia (but she does not know this.) Wyatt is an avid runner, and hopes to have time for the track team next year. He is still negotiating with the coach about the earring. (Coach doesn't know yet about his tattoo, but at least the hair is no longer an issue.) In the meantime, Wyatt is reading everything he can get his hands on about Mythology, Julia's favorite subject. (Yes, he knows how pathetic and romantic that is, thank you very much.)

Read some of Wyatt's columns...he has a lot to say:


Wyatt on Saying No
(Coming Soon!!)

Wyatt on "Hey, I'm Just Curious"
(Coming Soon!!)

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