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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pamela and Judith Have a Talk

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Judith, I want to talk to you.

Judith (looks up from her books):
Yes Mom?

It's about your attitude to Joe Jr.

Judith (impatiently):
Mom, if you're going to tell me to be nice to that slimeball... I just can't take it anymore! It's bad enough living with the mess and the slovenliness he creates, but he's bringing drugs into the house! You know that! Why are you defending him?

I'm not defending him. I even spoke to Joseph about it. But you also have to make an effort to be civil.

What for? Civil, to that criminal? Who knows what he does to get them? Where does he get the money? And think about what he could be doing to Petie and Max! Aren't they important? Don't they count?

You know how I feel about it! This is not an argument about whether or not it's good that Joe's doing drugs! His father will handle that! This is about you creating an ugly atmosphere in the home that trickles down to the younger kids! Families that love each other learn to work together and help work out problems!

Aha! That's the key! You said it - "families that love each other!" Well, I've got a scoop for you: I DON'T LOVE THEM! I can stomach Petie, I can ignore Chris and the slutty way she acts - at least I don't have any little sisters for her to ruin - but I DON'T LOVE THAT DAMN SON OF JOSEPH'S!

CLEAN UP YOUR LANGUAGE! He's the son of the man I love and married and you better get used to it because all of us are going to have to make it together!

Clean up my language? You have a juvenile delinquent bringing that damn poison into this home and you're worrying about my language?

Pamela (voice tight, exasperated):
Judith, talking to you is like talking to a wall! I don't blame Joe for getting so angry -

WHAT? Now you're defending him? I don't believe it! Can't you see what's happening? Our family is in danger of being destroyed and all you care about is keeping a good atmosphere around the house, no matter how artificial it is? Mom, wake up! You have your own children to worry about! Who is more important - some other man's rotten kid or your own children?

Judith! Don't talk about them that way! You are all our children now!

No way! I'm your daughter and I'm my father's daughter and I have a little brother! That's it! I am not part of this damn stupid "blended" family!

Walks out and slams the door.

Pamela sits down on the edge of the bed and cries.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 20:21
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