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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Frantic Morning and a Thief

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It's 6:45 AM. An alarm goes off. Pamela wakes up and begins to rouse the family. She goes downstairs in her robe to grab her first cup of pre-brewed coffee before dealing with the new morning, five children and all they have been through recently.

Joe Jr. wakes up, stretches, throws on a robe and walks toward the bathroom. He waits patiently, for a change, till Judith comes out, and then goes into the shower.

There is the faint sound of clicking and typing from the computer, indicating that one of the younger boys got up early and is already downstairs.

Judith peeks into her parents' room and sees that Joseph is still asleep, deep under the covers. She tiptoes quietly into their bathroom and starts to put on makeup, borrowing generously from Pamela's make-up kit.

Pamela returns to the room and sits down on the bed. Pamela quietly speaks to Judith through the open bathroom door.

I wanted to speak to you last night but you were so busy on the computer...Why are you up at all hours of the night?

I'm talking to my friends in England, Mum. Petie showed me how to get online months ago. I don't know what I would do without my "buddy list." I miss them so much.

Is that what Petie's doing on the computer, too? Talking with friends?

I don't know exactly what he's doing. It wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on him. He's on the computer day and night.

Isn't he just using it for schoolwork, and playing games?

Don't be so sure. Do you know that you can do anything on the net? You can buy weapons. You can download pornography. You can build a bomb.

Don't be silly, Judith. He's just a child. Petie would never do such a thing.

Judith walks out of the bedroom. In the hallway, she passes an angry looking Chris who is on her way into their parents' room.

Someone's been in my stuff again! I had ten dollars in my pack and now it's missing!

It must be a mistake. I don't believe anyone would take your money, Chris.

Are you calling me a liar? Don't you think I know how much money I have in my wallet? It was there last night before I went to bed! I bet it's that little angel of yours, Mac!

Don't be absurd! No one is taking your money. Look, you know things have been in an uproar lately. Perhaps you misplaced it. Let's check your room again.

Chris (bitterly):
Why bother? It's not there. Why are you assuming I don't know what I'm doing? Why don't you check your son's wallet?

Chris walks angrily downstairs. Joe Jr. passes Pamela in the upstairs hall, a towel wrapped around him.

You're going to be late, Joe, if you aren't ready to leave soon.

Joe Jr.:
I'll be on time. I'm taking the car.

Joseph (sleepily, from bedroom):
You're not taking the car.

Joe Jr. walks into the master bedroom.

Joe Jr. (surprised and angry):
Why the hell not?

Joseph (who has gotten out of bed and is on the way into his bathroom):
You are not responsible enough to take the car. When I get a clean report from your counselor, then we'll talk car.

Joe Jr.:
I never drive when I'm high! I've been doing time with the shrink!

You're not getting the car.

Joe Jr. stomps out of the room.

Pamela walks down the stairs; sees Petie at the computer.

Petie, it's time to go to school. And when you come home, I'd like you to show me what you do on the computer.

Petie nods imperceptibly and stays on the computer.

Petie (mumbles under his breath):
Just a minute.

Pamela stands and waits.

What are you doing on there, anyway?

I'm getting Lara Croft out of the tomb hall.

Lara what?

I can't explain it to you. You don't understand computer stuff.

I understand you've been teaching Judith. Maybe you could teach me.

Petie (slightly annoyed):
She already knows. I just showed her a few tricks.

Well, get ready now. It's getting late and you've got a bus to catch.

Joe Sr. walks down the stairs, knotting his tie.

Joe, we've got to talk about Chris.

Joe Sr.:
I'm late for work. I'll call you on the car phone.

This is important.

Joe Sr:
(opening the front door): Whatever it is, it will have to wait.

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