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Monday, 07 March 2011

The Austen-Kutchinskys: Judith's Monologue

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A Martin Holt Original

Judith Austin, 16, an excellent student interested in drama and music. She’s very unhappy about the blend.

I miss my old school and friends so much! And London! This place is so...American! They’re so primitive. They use words I can’t understand and have terrible taste in clothes and films. And that stepbrother I inherited! He is the most vulgar and filthy person I have ever laid eyes on. Just the sight of him makes me want to be sick. Maybe Mum will let me move into the attic or the basement. The thought of sharing a bathroom with him is just too much to bear! It’s really too bad. I know Mum is happy with Joseph. He’s a nice person, but his family’s background is so different from ours, and when his extended family comes over, I feel like I’m at Petticoat Lane. They walk around like the market traders -- no shirts, and with bottles of beer in their hands.

And that little sister Chris is such a tart. The way she dresses - it’s like she’s begging the boys to be all over her. Petie is the only one I can stand. I mean, he’s a computer freak, but at least he brushes his teeth.

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