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wholemom Poems

By Toby Klein Greenwald (This poem is dedicated to my four daughters, who range in age from fourteen to nineteen, at the time this was written. I have two boys after them, but it seems that all they ever want to take is what's mentioned in the first three lines.) They walk out with my glue stick, My scotch tape, my gum Small change from my purse ("I asked; you said 'ummm...'") My sweatshirts and stockings, My blouses and socks; My head scarves appear On their long flowing locks My mascaras are stuffed In their purses and pockets Along with my bracelets, My earrings and lockets My eye shadow lives In the shadowy past I've finally discovered Why the colors don't last My blueberry muffins (Baked just for my diet) My Judy Collins tape (Can't they go out and buy it?) My new calculator My wide-brimmed white hat My favorite sheets and my old bamboo mat My pool bag and thongs My scissors and rings My soft leather backpack My favorite things They walk off in my shoes And my special silk blouse They walk out in my perfume As they're leaving the house "There's nothing we need," They've told me before But it seems, when I've got it, It means so much more.
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As I sat by your bedside, I thought about Two books you bought me. One of them, A Little Princess, was inscribed, "To my little princess." I was ten. The other, True Gift, was inscribed, "To my daughter, who has grit in abundance." I was seventeen. The lesson I learned from the first book was that a true princess knows how to give.

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