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Shannon Maughan

We all know kids are full of questions--especially when it comes to discovering how objects work in the world around them. To provide you (and them) with some answers, we've gathered these videos that take a behind-the-scenes look at how some everyday objects are built or made. An Ohio mom reported, "This project introduced me to another category of videos I had not considered. It also gave me an opportunity to see the wide variety of videos available at the main library downtown. There were lots of titles on how things work and are built.
Sometimes nothing is as soothing, moving or inspiring as a piece of classical music. And the enjoyment of works by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and others is certainly not limited to adults. So if you're looking for fun and informative ways to introduce classical music to your children and family, we've got just the ticket. These videos and movies are brilliant combinations of sound, color, music and story. All of our test families found "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" to be music to their ears (and a visual treat, too).

School days, school days. If they're not already here for you, they're just around the corner. In this new millennium, going back to school involves more than new notebooks, pencils and lunchboxes. As children, their parents and teachers become more familiar with the Internet, it becomes a useful--sometimes invaluable--tool for doing research and homework. "We think the sites will be a big help for the kids' school work this year," said a New York mom of three.

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