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Orange Juice and Honeysuckle

As I sat by your bedside, I thought about Two books you bought me. One of them, A Little Princess, was inscribed, "To my little princess." I was ten. The other, True Gift, was inscribed, "To my daught...

Grandparent's Death

Dear WholeMom, My father-in-law died recently. The family is planning a graveside memorial service for him and my eight-year-old son wants to be there. He's a mature kid for his age, but I'm not sure ...

Thirteen-Year-Old Bothered by Father's Day

Dear WholeDad, Hi! I'm a 13-year-old girl and the youngest of 5. My father passed away six years ago. It didn't seem to bother me then but now it does. I really miss him more now than ever. Is this no...

Through a Child's Eyes: Reflections on Birth and Death

Through a Child's Eyes: Reflections on Birth and Death

What might otherwise be formative events in children's lives are lost, and the adults that these children become are unable to draw on these memories. When our daughter Hannah was not quite three year...

  • Orange Juice and Honeysuckle

  • Grandparent's Death

  • Thirteen-Year-Old Bothered by Father's Day

  • Through a Child's Eyes: Reflections on Birth and Death

    Through a Child's Eyes: Reflections on Birth and Death

Dr. Howard Farkas

Howard S. Farkas, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in Chicago where he maintains a private practice in the treatment of couples and individuals.

The most frequent question asked by men suffering from erectile dysfunction is whether the problem is medical or psychological. It may help to know that it is also the first question a doctor will try to determine. If you are experiencing difficulty maintaining an erection during intercourse, it is always a good idea to get an evaluation from a urologist first. Even when it is clear that there are psychological aspects to the problem, an evaluation by a urologist can find and treat medical problems which may be contributing to impotence.

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