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School Age

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Between Siblings

Siblings Won't Stop Arguing Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds Fight Supporting Sibling Friendships Brothers Fight on Weekends


Twelve-Year-Old Dancer Teaching Children Respect In an Age Of Equality Teaching Kids Tolerance The Magic Of Reading Aloud to Big Kids Being Present with Your Children - Thich Nhat Hanh on Parenting The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents Should We Tell Our Son He Is Adopted?


Attitude? Authorized: In Defense of "Democratic" Parenting Family Values vs. Friends Values Husband's Yelling Is Hurting Our Family Life Rude Son Foundational Principles Of Parenting Powerless Mom What Should Jenny Do? a Behavioral Approach to Powerless Mom Deconstructing Jenny: A Therapist's Comments on Powerless Mom


Life Lessons from Little League Nine-Year-Old in Love Separation Anxiety Six-Year-Old Granddaughter Feels Abandoned Six-Year-Old Doesn't Like Criticism (Who Does?) My Eight-Year-Old Daughter Gets Morning Stomach Aches


Help Your Child Learn Social Skills - Part I Help Your Child Learn Social Skills Part II: Walking In Another's Shoes I Have No Friends

Health & Nutrition

My Seven-Year-Old Won't Brush His Teeth Ten Ways to Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies My Seven-Year-Old Has a Pot Belly!

Life Changes

Grandparent's Death Son Unhappy with School Move Mom & Dad Are Splitting Up: A Monologue


Nine-Year-Old Doesn't Like School Eight-Year-Old Talks In Class On The Screen: Homework Helpers--As Close As Your Computer Ten-Year-Old Hates Homework Violent 12-Year-Old Gets F's Blocking Internet Sites My Eight-Year-Old Daughter Gets Morning Stomach Aches Unmotivated Twelve-Year-Old AD(H)D - Our Story Attention Deficit Disorder - a Different Perception My Special Daughter


Help! Puberty Strikes Child Sees Parents At It Is Eleven Too Young for Boyfriends?


Young Child Refuses to Sleep

Toilet Learning

Six-Year-Old Has Frequent Accidents
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